Camden and Southwark

Referrals are open for these boroughs

We are delivering an exciting pilot programme in Camden and Southwark, which has been carefully developed with insights from a range of experts, current and former mentors and our team.

The My Future programme is aimed at children aged 5-12 years old who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. Through one-to-one mentoring we support children to develop the skills and confidence to understand their emotions, manage their behaviour, realise their potential and build a better future.

Children will receive:

  • 9 months of individual mentoring with a trained volunteer mentor who will spend 2-4 hours with the child each week. Mentoring sessions will be aimed at having new and fun experiences whilst reflecting on challenges and creating goals that facilitate behaviour change.
  • 5 group sessions delivered by a professional and attended with mentor. Group sessions are aimed at building children’s social and emotional skills, confidence and resilience and also building pro social skills.

All sessions take place outside of school hours.

Referral Criteria
Referred children must:

  • Have consent for the referral to Chance UK from the child’s main carer
  • Be 5 to 12 years old at point of referral
  • Score 14 or more on the Main Carer SDQ behavioural questionnaire
  • Also score 16 or more on the School SDQ behavioural questionnaire
  • Have a main carer who is committed to supporting the aims and structure of the programme. The assigned Programme Manager will ensure that additional time is spent on explaining the programme and the benefits to child’s main carer at their first meeting.

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