Company support

The Company support Chance UK receives through contributions and fundraising activities is not just vital to ensure the continuation of our work, it can also help encourage team spirit, increase staff morale and create goodwill with your customers, suppliers and the local community.

Fundraising tips

1. Get your colleagues involved during or after work hours can be really fun – from cake sales to skills auctions, inter-departmental sports challenges to seasonal events and ‘Spot the baby’ (collect baby photos from colleagues, pin them on a board and ask people to guess the identities for £1 a go. The winner gets a quarter of the takings, and everyone else gets a good laugh!). The list is endless. Whatever you do – let us know about it and send a photo!

2. Add a donation button on your website. Please contact us to set this up

3. Successful fundraising takes a lot of enthusiasm and careful planning. Check out the extensive list of fundraising resources at If you’d like to discuss your fundraising plans or, for example, need a Chance UK branded t-shirt please drop us a line.