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Make a difference

Our mentoring programme helps primary school aged children overcome their behavioural difficulties, so that their experience of life and their future prospects are improved. Help us make this possible by making a donation.

  • £15 will pay for a Chance UK activity pack that every child and mentor receives at the start of their year. This includes arts and crafts material, games and other basic resources.
  • £30 will pay for a month’s expenses for activities – these could include swimming entrance, a dance workshop fee or some arts and craft materials.
  • £100 will contribute towards the training of a group of high quality mentors.
  • £250 will pay for a Graduation ceremony to celebrate the end of the mentoring year for children and mentors (with their families, friends and teachers).
  • £420 will pay for a month of 1:1 mentoring for a child, with support for their family.
  • £5,000 will pay for a transformative year of mentoring for a child, with holistic support for their family.


Ways to donate


You can support our work easily and securely with a regular monthly donation or a single gift.

Visit our Just Giving page to make a donation now:

Or complete this form and send it to us:

Chance UK Donation and Gift Aid Form(DOC 204KB)

Donate by cheque

Send a cheque made payable to Chance UK to: Chance UK, 2nd Floor, 89-93 Fonthill Road London N4 3JH It would be really helpful if you could print out and send our Donation and Gift Aid Form (if applicable) with your cheque.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving (or Give As You Earn GAYE) means your donation is deducted from your gross salary and it’s tax free. The tax you would have paid on your donation is also given to Chance UK .

Further information about Payroll Giving can be found at

Leave a legacy

Leave a long-lasting benefit for children of the future by including a bequest to Chance UK in your Will.

Family and Friends will of course be the first people you consider when planning your Will. If you would also like to leave a legacy to Chance UK it is imperative your Will is carefully worded, or properly amended, to ensure your wishes are observed appropriately. This should be done in consultation with your legal adviser.

Being named as a beneficiary in a supporter’s Will is a very serious responsibility. If you decide to include Chance UK in your Will, we promise to be good stewards of your donation and to give the appropriate respect to the donor and to the bereaved. Further information about legacies can be found at