What we do

140 children across three London boroughs benefit from our programme every year.

Our award-winning mentoring programme has proven impact. It has been replicated around the UK. Our programme involves:

  • A trained, screened, supported and closely managed volunteer mentor delivering one year of weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions for a child. These take place outside of home and school time, in public places
  • Sessions that work on child-centred goals using a solution-focused approach
  • Families are given access to an inclusive support option
  • There is a planned and positive ending to the year. Throughout the year staff work with other professionals to ensure the child is kept safe.

Getting our voice heard

Chance UK was set up to work specifically with children who have behavioural difficulties, but we have always viewed it as essential to support their parents/carers and wider families too. The difficulties that these families face are not unique to them. Like many others across the UK, they are struggling to cope with poverty, mental and physical health difficulties, drug and alcohol issues and gang-related crime. Additional challenges that have confronted them more recently include changes to the benefits system, zero-hours work contracts and cuts to a wide range of public services.

Chance UK is determined that the voices and experiences of our families should be heard and acknowledged at the highest levels. For this reason, we work with a range of other organisations – think tanks, policy and campaigning groups, government bodies, all political parties, media, funders and voluntary and community services – to highlight the issues that our families face.

Chance UK has been an advocate for early intervention for nearly 20 years, championing the positive impact of intervening early with children and families in order to prevent the development of more serious problems in the future. Over this time, early intervention has gained cross-party political support, and in July 2013 the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF), an independent charity, was established to “change the culture from one of late reaction to Early Intervention”. Chance UK is keen to use the proof of its own success to help EIF promote and raise funds for this approach.