Angie mentored with us between 2019 – 2020 and is a Counselling Psychologist by background.

Why did you decide to become a mentor?

I wanted to be able to add value to a young person life, I understand how hard it is at times for vulnerable individuals to be able to get the support that that they need because of funding and resource. Becoming a mentor helps to fill those gaps.

What skills did you gain through your mentoring role?

I learnt to be far more patient and set clear boundaries, and mentoring gave me a wider perspective on the difficulties that some families face.

What was your favourite memory or activity from mentoring?

Seeing my menteeā€™s face light up when we went to Winter Wonderland, her eyes were so bright and her laughter so loud, it was wonderful.

Another time was as the V&A Children Museum where we did an activity to create a box which we were supposed to leave at the museum for a display, but it was funny how I watched her negotiate with a museum assistant to ask if she could bring her box home. She won, it was great to see the confidence that she had gained.

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