Leap into mentoring

July 2015

In July 2015 Chance UK launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of our work with children and to recruit mentors. We are asking people to take pictures of themselves leaping in interesting locations around the world and post them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In with #ChanceUKLeap.

We often have pictures of children and mentors leaping for joy at their Graduation ceremony. Mentoring symbolises taking a leap, for all of us. For the children that get involved in the programme it’s a big leap; they are meeting a complete stranger at first and putting their faith in them. They also leap into making changes in their lives. It’s also a leap for the parents who trust and allow us to help them make changes.

And becoming a mentor is to take a leap. Becoming a mentor is a new experience and mentors learn a lot of new skills and help bring about positive change (for the child, and often themselves).

Alice Islington June 2015 Graduation Leap Photo 8

Alice started mentoring for Chance UK in 2014. Alice said she decided to become a mentor because she has “always enjoyed being around kids and thought that in London it’s a bit easy to get caught up in the daily 9-5 so was keen to take on something with a bit more to it and something where I had the excuse to be a big kid!”

Alice’s favourite moment was seeing her child ride a bike for the first time and said that “the smile on her face was incredible”. Alice says that she learnt a lot from mentoring “apart from the obvious organisational and time management skills I learnt a lot from my child. I was inspired by her bravery and joy for life, her perseverance with things she found difficult was something I have tried to adopt myself and I’ve learnt to maintain humour in everything that I do!”

Over the next few months Chance UK is hoping people will support the cause and take pictures of themselves, their friends and colleagues jumping into the air and posting them online alongside #ChanceUKLeap.

The goal is to bring in as many new mentors as possible as well as raising the profile of the organisation, which is still in the process of growing and branching out into other areas of the UK.

So please join in and support our campaign. Simply follow the instructions below and start leaping.

ChanceUK InfoGraphicFinal

You can read more about why the campaign is so important on the Politics Home website:



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