Let’s meet Adam and Alice

Adam was one of the most challenging boys in his year at school, frequently getting into trouble for fights and arguments with other children.

This highly energetic boy was matched with Alice, a sporty and energetic mentor who helped Adam channel his energy into sports and other new, positive activities. During the mentoring year, for example, Adam learned how to ride a bicycle; he used music to practice maths skills; and took on new challenges like map reading and navigating in unfamiliar places. At the same time, the Chance UK team liaised closely with other agencies that were also supporting Adam, and shared information about what approaches were working and what was going well.

Outside of the mentoring, we also supported Adam’s carer throughout her disclosure of domestic violence and her subsequent move out of the family home and into her own accommodation.

The change in Adam at the end of his mentoring year has been clear to everyone.

His carer told us: “He’s changed with mentoring – he is more sociable, his concentration is better, he is more caring. He is taking more responsibility for his actions. I can’t tell you how much the mentoring has helped!”

At school, his teacher reported improvements in Adam’s behaviour, his concentration and educational achievements. What’s more, Adam is not coming home with red slips any more!

And perhaps the most moving testimony comes from Adam himself, who has discovered more about his own qualities from our solution-focused mentoring approach. He told us that mentoring helped him see that he is fundamentally a kind boy. “I realised I am good.”

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