R’s poem

The poem starts from where R wanted to begin – Planet Earth. We then journey down, down and down , to Europe, England, London and then finally to R himself.

Through The Clouds

A shroud of mystical darkness, a tiny blue marble floating,
Laced clouds that wander endlessly,
Across the acid-orange smudge of Africa.
Sapphire-blue seas that glint like diamonds,
Aircraft in the sky, taking people to new lands – to explore.
The sky was a new frontier – now everybody goes there.

A group of countries closely collaborate together
Burnished gold of sand beaches,
Coal-black roof tiles in strange countries
Peaks of mountains, shimmer in the sun.

A lost-long island looking for a friend.
Empty fields of golden green,
Sheep that look like fallen clouds.
Trains burrow their way through the countryside like giant moles.
Great bridges with beetle-like cars clambering across them.

Skyscrapers look like massive trees of concrete,
Foxes scamper across the street searching for scraps.
Big red buses, getting people to work on time,
Millions of people living their own separate lives.

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