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We know that we can’t work alone. We are proud to work with our partners locally and nationally to strengthen our support for families. Partnerships provide us with an opportunity to widen and strengthen reach to families and deliver holistic support more broadly.

We currently have two long standing social franchise partners – Action for Children’s mentoring service in Liverpool has been running since 2005 and Cyfannol Women’s Aid since 2010. We are proud of our longstanding franchises who together have been using our model, and ethos to support families further a-field and outside of London. If you are interested in franchising our evidence based intensive mentoring contact Sophie to hear more on how we can support you.

Local, delivery  partnerships: want to know more on how we can connect and work together to support families locally? We take a multi-agency approach to strengthen support, we coordinate care, and support with signposting into and out of our services. Contact Mwila and Samantha for more information and find out more.

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