Join our ‘Meet a Mentor’ Initiative

We are delighted to launch a new “Meet a Mentor” initiative. As well as giving you a practical way to stay involved in Chance UK’s work, your experiences and insights as past mentors will be a big help to us in recruiting much needed volunteers. We ask for just 2 hours of your time.  

What is it?  

At a “Meet a Mentor” session, people who are interested in becoming a mentor can drop in to a coffee shop to meet a former or current mentor. It’s an opportunity for the potential volunteer to ask questions and hear directly from someone who has been a mentor.  This can be a vital step in helping them to decide whether to submit a volunteer application form.  We hope this is also a great experience for you, as you relive your mentoring year and share your stories and experiences.  

What time commitment? 

We ask for two hours of your time: over a weekday lunchtime (12-2pm), a weekday evening (5-7pm) or during the weekend.  The exact day and time is agreed between you and Josh, our volunteer recruitment officer.  You can make this a one-off session, or if you are happy to do more, we’d be delighted to book you on for a session every couple of months.  It’s entirely up to you! 


You can nominate a coffee shop but it should be either in a central London location, or in one of the boroughs in which we work: Islington, Lambeth, Camden, Southwark, Haringey, Westminster.  

What support will I get?  

We will provide you with a Chance UK t-shirt and forms so you can sign up those whom you’ve inspired to take the next step towards becoming a mentor! We’ll also pay for two drinks, so you’re not out of pocket (please keep the receipt).  


To publicise the event, we will post your first name and the date/time/location of the session.  We will rely on your wearing a Chance UK t-shirt on the day to help people identify you! 

Yes I’m in! What do I do? 

Great! Please email Josh on with your name and contact details, and referencing the ‘Meet a Mentor’.  Or call him directly on 020 7281 5858 ext. 225. Together you can agree a day, time and place for your first drop-in session.  

I can’t commit right now, but keep me in mind for the future

No problem! If you’re happy to help us out in this way but can’t say yet when you’re free, contact Josh anyway. We’ll keep a list of everyone who has expressed an interest, and let you know what Meet a Mentor opportunities we have further down the line. 

For more information contact Josh on or call him on 020 7281 5858 ext. 225.