Explore and Empower

Explore & Empower is Chance UK’s flagship early intervention programme that supports 5-12 year old children with behavioural and emotional difficulties and their parents/carers.

Our year long programme empowers children to develop their skills, confidence and life aspirations through weekly mentoring sessions alongside 1:1 and group support for parents/carers.

The families we work with have often experienced challenges in life e.g. trauma and we use solution-focused techniques to help strengthen relationships and explore their preferred future.

Children will receive:

  • 12 months of individual mentoring with a trained volunteer mentor who will spend 2-4 hours with the child each week outside of school.
  • A named Programme Manager (PM) assigned to each mentoring relationship. The PM provides supervision guidance and input to the mentoring relationship and can liaise with other professionals if needed
  • A named Parent Programme Manager (PPM) assigned to each parent/carer. The PPM will support parents and caregivers with everyday parenting challenges and help make the parent-child relationship even more enjoyable.

All sessions take place outside of school hours.

This programme is offered in Islington and Lambeth

Referral Status: Closed for referral

Referred children must:

  • Have consent for the referral to Chance UK from the child and the child’s main carer.
  • Be 5 to 11 years old at point of referral (we can take Y6 referrals between September-April only)
  • Be at primary school and/or resident in the borough accepting referrals. Score 14 or more on the Main Carer SDQ behavioural questionnaire.
  • Also score 16 or more on the School SDQ behavioural questionnaire

Referred children should not:

Have a significant learning need or neurodevelopmental difference that would prevent them from having the necessary level of comprehension, communication and self-reflection skills to engage fully with our early intervention behavioural programme, talking tools and behaviour strategies. Examples of diagnoses we cannot work with would include Autistic Spectrum Condition.

If you would like to find out more about the Explore and Empower programme please contact;

  • Cliff Joseph or James Bynner if you would like to make a referral in Islington
  • Milla Nakkeeran if you would like to make a referral in Lambeth
  • Claudia Coussins or Esi Atteen if you would like more information about the Parent/Carer work