Parent stories

“I changed the way I reacted to my daughter …. For the first time it was good for both of us”

Mum K

“Now I feel calmer…. I don’t feel so overwhelmed at home”

Mum J

“She is more confident, more reflective about things…. and less reactive…. she’s able to think and plan what to do next”

School comments on Mum G

“I have never, ever seen my son smile like that”

Parent M – after child set goals for the year at his 3 month review.

“Thanks a lot – for everything! From all of us. Bless all of you!!”

Parent A’s message on our staff board after the last Parent Group Session

“He has boosted-up 100%. It’s unbelievable…. He used to be in a shell but he’s laughing now. I would encourage any parent to have a Chance UK mentor for their child.”

Parent K