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Chance UK supports families by providing a programme of activities for parents and carers that runs alongside the weekly mentoring.

Our aim is to enhance positive parenting and improve the relationship between children and their carers.

What is the Parent Support Programme?

Caregivers are central to improving children’s behaviour, confidence and happiness which is why we require the parents/carers of children on our programme to participate too. Whilst your child attends weekly sessions with their mentor we ask you to commit to taking part in 1-1 sessions with a Chance UK Parent Programme Manager as well as one or more of the group activities.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for children, our work with parents and carers focuses on improving their wellbeing, reducing stress & social isolation, and improving their practical parenting skills as well as their belief in their ability to parent.

It’s been great to hear other mums talk about their experiences. I’m learning some useful tips. Over the last two weeks we have been getting on really well. So this is all really positive.


We offer the following range of services and activities to parents and carers:  

1. 1:1 Sessions:

To welcome parents to the programme and discuss individual issues, build rapport and signpost to other services if appropriate.

2. A Space to Breathe Parenting Group (AStB):

A practical, solution-focused 10-week programme made up of three units. This group provides a space for parents to share and discuss parenting issues, guided by a Parent Programme Manager and accompanied by a workbook.  

3. Family Activity Days:

Time for parents and carers to enjoy quality time with their children and other Chance UK families during the school holidays with co-designed activities.

4. Parent-led Information Clinics:

Opportunities for parents to access tailored sessions delivered by service experts on a range of topics chosen by parents themselves.  

Sarah feels she has become more assertive and confident in her parenting skills and is now undertaking a teacher training course and working part-time in a school.

Chance UK Parent Programme Manager

Our family programmes offer mindful support and proven strategies for the many uncertainties of caring for children. We’ll welcome you as an individual and work together through a solution-focused journey for your family, based on proven theories and real parenting experiences.

You can make a referral online, or you can contact us directly to learn more about our family programmes.

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