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We have 25 years experience of delivering impact and supporting children and families through our solution focused, child centred approaches.

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We have a range of programmes available spanning different needs.

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We work with the child, and family to bring about change improve resilience to life’s challenges and reduce difficulties. We will engage with you to understand reason for referral, what you would like to see at the end of the mentoring journey and understand from your perspective what’s going on for the child and family and how we can support them best. We’ll coordinate support for the family on the way through our multi–agency approach.

Chance UK has been a great project. Apart from the clear impact on the pupils, what has marked it out is the personal and efficient links and communication between the school, the charity and the mentor with all entirely centred on the well-being and development of the child.

Headteacher, Eleanor Palmer Primary School

School workshops

If you work in a school and are interested in the support we can provide to class groups – read more on our group workshops. We currently have 2 available, supporting the transition into secondary school and building strength for tough times – this workshop support children to understand and process the impact of the pandemic – find out more here.

  • 88% of students agree or strongly agree that everyone feels differently about change and there are ways to make changes feel less scary
  • 78% of students agree or strongly agree that they have some skills and qualities that will help them make the change to year 7
  • 73% of students agree or strongly agree that if they feel worried about year 7 they know some strategies to help

Supporting your workforce’s wellbeing

We offer solutions focused parent workshops to businesses these lunchtime sessions provide lasting, tried and tested advice to support parents through the tough times.

This is delivered in 1-hour expert parenting sessions, available as one-offs or in a 3-step programme for parents/carers in your employee network.

  1. A Space to Breathe: positive, solution focused parenting skills to encourage communication and cooperation.
  2. Bounce Back: the science and essentials of building resilience in children and how to nurture a growth mind-set.
  3. Tackling challenging behaviour: strategies to address challenging behaviour positively and calmly.

To discuss, please contact Anna or Sophie.

  • 100% of attendees found the sessions excellent or very good
  • 100% found the speaker extremely engaging or very engaging
  • 100% would attend future Chance UK lunchtime sessions
  • 100% would recommend Chance UK Family Network sessions to colleagues
  • 96% found the session content to be excellent or very good
  • 84% found the handouts extremely useful or very useful

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