Our Story

The issues facing children and families in the modern age are too many to count. With personal, social and circumstantial challenges to contend with, sometimes it feels like growing up isn’t always easy.

We knew it when we first began working with families over 25 years ago. We still believe that building confidence, resilience and skills is one of the most important things that we can do to prepare young people for a positive future. A future where they can pursue their ambitions and be happy.

Where it Started


Chance UK started in Islington, London. When the charity was formed in 1995, we set out to create positive behavioural change in children by working with them and their families without prejudice. 1

What began with a single London borough now spans 6 boroughs and 1 programme has become 4. 2

We now work with hundreds of children and families every year. We’re closely connected with our home city of London and its vibrant communities, but also making a difference further afield through social franchises in Wales and the North of England. 3

As we’ve grown, our style of working has gained recognition and support. Our solution-focused approach, commitment to early intervention where possible and consistently impressive results have helped us to grow into an organisation that has helped shape thousands of positive individual stories. 4

In 2020 Chance UK celebrated our 25th anniversary. 5

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