Impact and Evidence

The difference we make

Our work is about lives, not numbers. But we know we have to be effective, measured and accountable. And the more effective we are, the more children, families and communities can rely on us.

Day to day we work in a way that is distinctly personal, yet we are able to provide the hard data that shows the positive outcomes we achieve. From the real relationships we build, come real results.

The results

SDQ scores give evidence of improvement in 98% of children we work with. 1

51% of children we work with achieve a result that indicates they need no further intervention. 2

87% of children’s behavioural difficulties reduce at home and 93% reduce at school during their time with Chance UK in 2020 YTD 3

Following the mentoring, 90.9% of children who received support to tackle low self-esteem recorded increased scores indicating high levels of hope. 4

Data from Pro Bono Economics show that we return a surplus economic value to communities once we pass a 2.5% success rate, meaning that up to 20x our overheads are returned as lifetime economic benefit to families and communities.

Academic Evidence

Full details of the studies and findings that support this evidence can be found below.

Goldsmiths University of London

Pro Bono Economics

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