Vision & Values

Our Mission:

Chance UK supports children aged 5-13 and families to develop social and emotional skills, building resilience to flourish in a changing world. We want every child to feel happy about themselves, realise their potential and be confident in their ability to build a bright future. We put the child at the centre of what we do and why we work with the child, their family, school and wider community to make sustainable, long lasting impact on their lives.

We have been delivering our solution focused, early intervention services to support the child and their family for over 25 years. We know that if we provide the right support at the right time, children families and communities can thrive. We are committed to ensuring that their voices are heard and to play our part in ensuring that this happens so that there is a better, brighter future for all.

Our Values

We are passionate: championing early support that is transformative for children and families

We are inclusive: embracing the diversity of everyone that we work with

We are child-centred: listening to children’s best hopes to bring out the best in them and provide a unique experience

We are solution focused: enabling children and their families to use their strengths to achieve their own goals

We are collaborative: working in partnership with other services to maximise our impact and embed sustainable changes

We are forward thinking: creatively looking at ways of adapting and growing our programmes, whilst continuing to deliver best practice

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