Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging will be at the heart of everything we do to protect and promote children’s rights.​ We’re committed to promoting equality, tackling all forms of discrimination and fostering good relationships between diverse groups of people.​ We aim to be fair and inclusive across our whole organisation.​ We believe in promoting equality, valuing diversity, and working inclusively. ​This is the world we want for our staff, volunteers and the people we support.​

Our Statement

  • As Chance UK reshape our work going forward, we are committing to a long-term programme of change that means we will be reviewing everything we do through an anti-discrimination lens. ​
  • With confidence and competence, we will all need to tackle discrimination, racial and social disparities head on through our Policies, Processes, Procedures, Practice, Partnerships, Parents, and People/work ‪(7Ps framework)​.
  • We start our journey by asking ourselves what a world with genuine social equity would look like – and we begin to action that change together with our communities.​​
  • Our first step will include producing our Anti-Discrimination action plan with clear targets and timescales, which will be reviewed on an annual basis. ​​
  • We will publish the progress made, or barriers encountered, within the action plan through our annual report.​​
  • We do not have all the answers but we are committed to developing, supporting and championing Anti-Discrimination strategies. ​​
  • We are working towards being part of driving the Anti-Discrimination agenda and invite you to join us in our action for change. 

Action Plan​

Anti-Discrimination Action Plan PDF

This Anti Discrimination action plan sets out four priority areas of focus for the organisation. Within each area there is an emphasis on tackling racism. The plan outlines the work that we do in this area each year, including staff and volunteer training, education and development, project work; consultation and co-designing with the diverse communities that we serve; and developing more opportunities for people/communities experiencing racial inequalities and people living in areas of high deprivation. ​

Through this plan we are committing ourselves to a number of actions that will complete in the next 12 and 18 months. ​

​There is a focus on anti racism within this plan. This reflects the discussions we had as an organisation following the events that took place in 2020: the public murder of George Floyd at the hands of the United States police and the Black Lives Matter protests that ensued. This was a stark reminder to us all, of the inequalities faced by Black African and Caribbean communities not just in the United States but here in the United Kingdom. We recognise the discrimination faced by all those with protected characteristics and the importance of recognising intersectionality of identities. As we work through this plan we believe the infrastructure we will build and the policies and practices put in place will enable us to raise the quality and improve our practice in all areas.