Support For Schools

School Workshops

We have harnessed our 25 years of experience supporting children to develop critical social and emotional skills to create a series of school-based workshops. Our 90-minute workshops are designed for a class of students and are facilitated by our team of expert youth workers.

We are currently running workshops on the following topics:

Transition Workshop

Starting secondary school is a formative event in a child’s life and many children can feel anxious and worried in the build-up to this big change. Our Transition Workshop is designed for students in Year 6 and helps to prepare them for this move, by exploring their worries, identifying where they came from and learning strategies to cope with these big emotions when they arise.

Building Resilience Workshop

Life is full of unexpected events and challenges. For children, overcoming these challenges can be particularly difficult. Our Building Resilience Workshop helps students to build emotional resilience so that they are better able to cope. During the workshop, students learn techniques to help them manage their feelings of worry and anxiety and identify their personal strengths, which they can utilise in times of stress.

If you are interested in having a workshop run in your school, please contact

It was really useful! Definitely something we can revisit in the build up to SATS and secondary school.

Teacher’s feedback to our school transition workshop

Support for an Individual Child

We also offer specific support for individual children aged 5-13. To find out more about what support is available and how to refer a child to us, please visit Support for Children.