Our Impact

The difference we make

Thanks to our community, donors and supporters, we have helped 1,497 children to begin building a better future for themselves.

Supporting Children

Our flagship mentoring programmes support over 200 children a year:

  • 100% of children increased their self-esteem
  • 85% of children found friendship within the group
  • 87% of children were able to manage their behaviour better after mentoring

Supporting Families

Every family whose child is part of one of our programmes is also offered specialist support:

  • 168 parents and carers have had one-to-one sessions

Supporting Schools

We deliver workshops in 25 schools across three London boroughs, and support over 1,000 children to develop their skills and confidence each year.

“It made me feel more brave and confident to start secondary school. I feel more prepared”
Year 6 Pupil

Supporting Employers

Our lunchtime workshops for employers are having a big impact:

“The most useful bit was [learning to] communicate more with my children to understand their needs before reacting”

Academic Evidence

Data from Pro Bono Economics shows that we return a surplus economic value to communities once we pass a 2.5% success rate, meaning that up to 20x our overheads are returned as lifetime economic benefit to families and communities.

Full details of the studies and findings that support this evidence can be found below.

Goldsmiths University of London

Pro Bono Economics