Our Approach

The Right Support at the Right Time

We believe that with the right support at the right time, every child can flourish. To do so, we work in partnership with the child, and those around them – their family, school and community.

Our approach is based on the following principles: 

  • Child-centred – we put the child at the centre of all we do 
  • Inclusive – we recognise and celebrate each child and family member as individuals 
  • Holistic – we work to understand who a child really is, their unique life experiences and what their physical, mental, emotional and social needs are 
  • Trauma-informed – we work with compassion and sensitivity, respecting that many children have experienced trauma in their lives and this may manifest itself in different ways 
  • Solution-focused – we support children and their families to identify their strengths and use these to build towards their goals 
  • Practical – we teach and practice practical skills and techniques that can be used every day to build resilience 
  • Empowering – we enable children to understand themselves better and to own their own future 

Our expert teams work with children and their families to build trusted relationships where challenges can be explored and foundations for a positive future can be laid.